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How to Prepare Your Home to Sell Quickly

Looking to sell your home any time soon? Inventory is still low here in Nashville, and there are several people looking to buy! There are a few ways to prepare your home to sell quickly to those buyers, so we thought we would share.

Make Obvious Repairs

The last thing you want a prospective buyer to notice first when they walk into your home is how the paint is chipping on the walls or that your fence is falling apart. Even if light bulbs are out, that could discourage a buyer. Either way, make sure you address any obvious repairs to ensure buyers have a positive outlook when they first walk through your home. You want it to look perfect for people walking through your home for the first time!

Clean-Up Landscaping

A buyer’s first impression is from the outside of the home as they pull up. That being said, make sure that your yard is cleaned up and that any landscaping that needs to be done is complete and looks great. Cut the grass, put new mulch down, clear out the leaves from the yard, and trim the bushes!

Repaint/Replace Front Door

In addition to cleaning up landscaping, you will also want your front door to look nice and inviting. If your door has seen better days, you might want to consider replacing it with a new one or even restaining or painting it so it looks new and more welcoming.

Remove Clutter

Not everyone needs to see your personal items such as makeup or your toothbrush on your bathroom sink or family photos on your living room mantle. We recommend removing items that can clutter a room, especially for showings. The idea is for whoever is looking at your home to envision themselves and their belongings in the home, not yours.

Organize Belongings

Whatever is visible in your home during showings, make sure that everything is organized and put in its proper place! No one wants to see a pile of laundry or a bunch of books scattered around the house during a showing. Make sure you organize and clean your space so it is in tip-top shape!

Pay Attention to Odors

Be sure to hide the litter box or shampoo the carpets if you have pets to eliminate potential odors. Maybe light some candles or spray the rooms with some air freshener so that your home is filled with inviting smells.

Looking to sell soon? Let’s chat. We can help you determine which steps to take when getting ready to put your home on the market.

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